with Silver Level, we will service your pool each week, we test and adjust water chemicals to the correct balance, emptying pump and skimmer baskets, and filter cleaning as necessary. Vacuuming of the Pool is the responsibility of the Pool Owner.

$ 70.00 month

with Silver PLUS Level, we perform all features of the Silver Level. Additional we clean the tiles and brush the Pool once a month. Vacuuming of the Pool is the responsibility of the Pool Owner.

$ 75.00 month

with Gold Level, we perform all features of the Silver Level. Additional we skim surface and vacuum one time each month.

$ 80.00 month

our Platinum Level of service offers everything our Gold level service offers, cleaning your pool and balancing your core chemicals, but with the addition of clean tile, brush, skim surface and vacuum twice each month.

$ 95.00 month

*    for vanishing edge add $ 10.00 per month.

*    the above prices apply for pools to 16x32 ft. Larger pools add $ 10.00 per month.

*    add $ 10.00 to 20.00 per month for non-screened Pools.(depends on the chosen plan)

*    Spas using the same water as the pool are included as a pool, individual spas can be served 
      for an additional $ 20 per month

*    If service is for a rental or seasonal home, we require an automatic water timer that

      attached to your garden hose and turns water off automatically. We can furnish a water

      timer for around $ 20.00

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If a holiday falls upon your service day, we will provide service the day before or after.

Any change in service or cancellations must be made in writing 2 weeks in advance please

Payment for service is due on the 1st of the month for the month ahead.

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